Religion Vs Who You Date?

Does someone's religion effect whether you date them or not?

Are you OK with seriously dating someone of another religion?


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  • aawww this makes me think of a guy in my class

    he really likes me & he's always like she won't date me because I'm jewish...

    i personally have other reasons I don't consider him like that but lets say I did...

    i really don't know . he's told me before that with judaism if the wife is jewish the kids are jewish but if the dad is [ which would be his situation ] the kids decide but his kids would have to be jewish

    im barely 17 so I know it'd be a dumb thing to think about it now but I think why get serious if that question will come up and what's the point of dating without any intent of being serious

    i think if I was in love with someone I could do it , but it would have to come to a point where the kids decide it couldn't be decided for them .

    like the kids could be raised jewish but if they ever said they wanted to be christian or anything else I wouldn't want the dad to disown them because of that

    but no , I'm not against dating someone of a diff. religion after all I'm a product of it

    my moms christian , dad was raised muslim

    im christian

    • I'm so happy I read your answer! .. I'm catholic, and most of the guys that I end up being attracted to and dating are muslim ... so I wonder are muslim men against dating women who aren't muslim? it must have not bothered your dad, but is it always like that? I just wonder if things started to get serious with a guy that was muslim, his family wouldn't accept me =/

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    • Well .. I've never dated anyone from those countries ... but that's probably because of how strict they are lol

      thank you so much for you're help! I really appreciate it :)

      It makes me feel a lot better about future situations lol

    • Haha yea and your welcome honestly I think you kind of helped me a little bit with my situation putting it out there helped me see what was going on and how I really felt.

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  • As an atheist I prefer them to be non religious.


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  • Well it depends. It could cause problems if you were really religious, or really seriously thinking about raising kids with them, but with the right people it can work. But I'm not going to stop seeing someone just because they are a different religion. So yes, I'm OK with seriously dating someone that has different beliefs about religion.