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If a girl has not dated many guys? does this mean that she is less experienced, or immature? I mean sometimes when I tell guys that I have only had one boyfriend I feel as if they think I don't have enough experience and they might treat me differently?

Shouldn't that mean that the girl knows how much value she holds and is willing to be patient to wait for the one? or would that mean that the girl is too picky and has high standards? standards are good right? because that means that the girl is not just another girl?

suggestions :)


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  • you are very rare these days. not many girls or guys continue to have values and morals. be proud of yourself for that. don't compromise who you are for anyone. so what if you aren't experienced. patience is a virtue. you will find someone who appreciates everything you mentioned about yourself. keep doing what you're doing. hope that helps.


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  • No that doesn't mean that she is immature. And only less experienced in dating. Some guys will treat you different and the ones that do are immature and you probably don't want to bother with them. I think it is really cool when girls wait to find the one despite all the pressures of everyone else. Standards are good just remember not to set them too high to where no guy feels adequate enough for you.


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