Is she in a rebound relationship? what do you think?

she broke up with me because of distance after a 3 year ltr. its been 4 months now and I just found out that she is anew relationship( (I saw them , when I came to town). The thing is I don't know if she had been with him before the break up, which gives me the doubt that she is rebounding. but she recently text me saying that , she think about me a lot, can get me out of her head and she's trying to move on but its not as easy as she thought!


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  • Well... I was with my ex for 3 years and it's only been about 2 months since the break up, and I've just been informed by my friends that she has a new guy already. I'm not sure if that happened straight after the break up or not, but here are the two options as I see it:

    1) She's liked him for a while. Probably even when you were dating. I know it sounds harsh and horrible, but I know that girls are able to like multiple guys at the same time, and if she knew that she was going to be breaking up with you soon, she wanted to have the option to jump to somebody else just as quickly.

    2) Alternatively, it is a rebound and she's just using this guy to get over you. There's no way I can picture either of our exes "getting over us" after just a couple of months - especially as we're still in a state of shock and awe. She might just need the company to forget about the good times she had with you and move on faster. But believe me, she will not have skipped the "grieving" stage - that will hit her hard later in life.

    • Yeah man. Has your ex reached out to you since the break up?

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    • Well my ex didn't start talking until 3 months later. She would text but it was on her term, she would text me. and when I try texting she would ignore it

    • Yeah she's looking for comfort. Just ignore it now and eventually she'll realize she's losing you and will try harder. Eventually, the ball will be in your court. WonderWhy summed it up beautifully.

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  • It's a rebound. Putting her feelings for you all onto that guy is an easy way out. After my boyfriend broke up with me I began crushing on someone else. Reality hit and I realized this guy was nothing like my ex, I didn't find him as attractive and I was constantly making comparissons but doing this was easier than facing my feelings and 'grieving' properly.

    Questions: does he look like you?

    Have you ever seen him before?

    • Yeah I Ran into them . He looks nothing like me: From race, to personality( I know of him),

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  • This same exact thing has happened te me only it's been 5 months. New guy like a week or 2 after. Here's what you do about it. Leave her and the new guy be-do not resopnd to her or anything-just go away. Her texts don't mean sh_t right now. If you leave her alone eventually she'll be sending you some really meaningful texts once the reality of you not being around sets in. If she never grieved the relationship-doesnt matter if she knew him before or not- it's gonna hit her like a frieght train eventually. At that point you can beging to talk to her. How do I know this? REality just hit my ex and she found out that karma is a B_TCH

    • Yeah you're not the only one to have said this. . Did she text while with this guy? Should I ignore all of all the " Hey" "How are you" texts?

    • Hey What's going on man. Everything played out just like you said. I guess it did hit her like a frieght train. We've been talking. I hope your situation is sorted out

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