Why is it so awkward in reality?

So, I went on a couple dates with this guy over the summer but it kind of fizzled. We've just started to begin to flirt on facebook and facebook chat but we have a class together and NEVER talk. We say hi to each other in the halls, but never talk. Also, he's kind of into the partying scene and part of a different group than me (i'm more serious about school and "goody goody-ish" I guess) which makes it hard to talk to him during lunch when he's with his friends.

I want to start up a conversation with him in class but its hard because I don't know how to start up a conversation with it sounding completely organic and not forced (which would make it awkward). Also, he sits in a different part of class than me which would mean its obvious if I go out of my way to talk to him so it has to be something with a purpose I feel like rather than just "how are you?" or something...


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  • Things are so awkward because your main form of communication has been facebook and facebook chat. If you were to eliminate those two and just talk face to face. You'd see that communicating via computer isn't a replacement for proper communication, it only makes the two of you more distant from each other.

    Texting via cell and using facebook take the human element out of communication. If you are truly going to date someone, you have to connect with them physically, emotionally and through body language.

    The computer eliminates those elements because your just reading off a computer screen.

    Good Luck! Happy Halloween!


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  • Okay, when I read this I was amazed at how similar your situation is to mine currently, except I'm the guy. So from my very own perspective, you as a girl should ask him once or twice on facebook to hang out at lunch or something because what he's experiencing might be pressure from approaching you with all your friends around (at least that's my case). Doing so can give him a sign that you are interested but wants him to pursue you. In class, tries to make more eye contacts with him once in a while 'cause believe it or not boys love that. But if on facebook chat he doesn't seem to reply as much as he should be to keep the conversation going then I don't think he's interested in you, that's what puzzling me right now with the girl I like, so if you can response with what you (girl) thinks that'll greatly help my case, thanks, hope that helps.

    • Well, if she's not responding to you a lot I would agree she's probably not interested. If she initiates conversations I would say she is. You should definitely go up and talk to her or just be really friendly. If you can't go talk to her go out of your way to say hi to her or something if she's in your class. good luck! and thanks for the tips :)

  • Talking behind a computer and talking in person are just 2 different, you're experiencing this for yourself. People are different when they're behind a computer. If ya really want him, than go after him, don't wait for him, seems like he's caught up in his activities. And there's nothing wrong if you sit next to him in class, if he moves to a new seat, then maybe he's not interested.


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