Kiss kiss!?!

I have been going out with this guy for about 4 weeks now and we're getting along really well. Well thing is, I'm not a very experienced kisser so I'm not the best at it and I'm not as comfortable as he is. Every time I kiss him I can tell he wants more than just a peck, but I don't know how to kiss that well.

I really like this guy!

Please help me!

well, 2night I had my first really kiss. it felt really good but . This guy has a really long tongue, and mine's puny- sorry if I'm grossing you out =/ but I have heard that its more enjoyable when your tongue is longer, is tht much of a problem?


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  • Tell him this and ask him to take the reins and show you how its done. Relax and enjoy it and maybe you'll be the pro afterwards. In the beginning its all about learning about each other and what both of you want. I'm sure he'll feel really macho.

    Good luck!


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  • Tell him to show you how. Practice makes perfect. Whatever he does to your lips do the same back to his. You'll get the hang of it, just relax.

    Go rent a movie with lots of kissing scenes in it and practice on a mirror.


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  • practice on your hand.if it doesn't work just tell will scary maybe he feals exsactly the same you never know.

    • Thnx, I'm jst rly worried :(