Should I waite for him to text me?

A guy text me 4 weeks ago that I had met once or twice, but just through friends. We started texting every day all day from like 6 am to 10 pm. In the first 2 weeks we had gone to the movies 2 times and the beach once. The next 2 weeks we continued to talk all the time but he had nto asked me to do anything so I thought I would... he was busy the times I asked. I thought perhaps he was just playing me, so one day I just didn't text him to see if he would text me and in the afternoon he text me saying I had been quiet and that he wanted me to text him... the texint went on for a week or so, and on Friday I sort of decided that I would liek ot hang out a little more rather than making a massive phone bill, so I said to him that I had become a little attracted to him, and that I would liek to get to know him better by hanging out . hje said he was not looking for anythign serious as the moment but enjoyed hanging out with me, I said I was not a girl who was just a play mate but was happy to be friends... and we had small conversation after we had that convo... however I have not heard form him since... which is 2 days... should I text him and say hey? or just see if he texts ?


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  • Nope. Don't text him!

    He already made it clear he's not looking for anything serious, therefor, everything you are doing now must be changed.

    If you like him, which you do, you must use different approaches. For example, wait for him to text YOU. This creates a time barrier which makes him think about you. It makes him think, "I wonder why she hasn't texted...Is she okay? What is she upto"? The goal is to put you on HIS mind! That is the key! Make him think more and more about you. The more he thinks about you, and the longer you aren't there, the more he misses you.

    It's something worth trying.

    The fact that you guys went out a few times and talk so often, I believe he is attracted to you. I don't believe it's enough, however, anything can be built with effort. You definitely have a chance, but you just need to be smart with your moves.

    For one fact, you can't be clingy! That's what were trying to change. You like him, and he knows it already. Your right to be clingy has been taken away officially when you told him you were starting to have feelings for him, and is now seen as a negative, so don't be locked to him! It doesn't matter if you're just friends or not, if you act attached to him, you will scare him off for good. You don't want that right?

    Next, You have to paint that picture that shows you MIGHT like him, but you don't NEED him. A guy that says, "I'm not looking for anything serious", will never want someone who is attached to him. However, if he sees that you like him, but also sees that you can be independent and hold your own and don't need him, I think that will attract him to you a little more. Just be patient.

    Don't ignore him. Whenever he texts you/calls you, have a great conversation, and be sure that you text or call him the next time you wanna talk. It should be fair, if he texted you first one day, the next day should be you texting HIM first. You see what I mean? That's an easy way to create a balance.

    Anywho, that's just some advice I think is worth a try. If I can help some more, you can always message me.

    Take care, I hope you work things out so you're Happy =)

    • I have to agree with HenryK I am in a similar situation where I have not heard from a guy that I like in over 2 weeks. I sent him a text last week and didn't hear back from him so I have decided to stop texting him and hopefully he will come around. So wait for him to text or call you

    • Thanks so much for your answer you really do have some really good points and valid advice...My intention was not to seem clingy, but it may have came across to him that way... I just wanted to get to know him better....

      I guess ill just waite it out and see if he actually texts me....?

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  • He sounds like a player.

    You would be better to move on.

    • That's the feeling I got as well.

    • If he was a player would he not have tried some more physical moves? as he never tried anything liek that, he was actually very gentleman like?

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  • Since you two are together, he's not required to txt/talk to you everyday. So just because he didn't text doesn't mean anything. Personally, I wouldn't text him. Just let him come to u. And if he does, he does. And if he doesn't, he doesn't.

    To me it seems like a game with him, especially when he said 'uve been quite'. Maybe I'm all wrong, idk. But I'd back off. Ur attracted to him, but he doesn't want anything serious .. and since he doesn't want anything serious, there's no need to talk to him 24/7.

    Basically, just wait and see. I know the whole waiting thing s hard, but I'd do it if I were you.

    • We are not together... just been talking a lot and hanging out a few times. I agree with your comment about not needing to text 24/7 if he doesn't want anythign serious... which is what I was trying to find out in the first place, as I know after a month of texting from 6 am to 10pm is going to send my bill massive!!!

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