1st Kiss? Should I start out small?

When would be the right time it? We've been together for almost 11 months now. My friends keep asking me wen me an my girlfriend are gonna kiss an telling me just go over an do it. Neither 1 of us had our 1st kiss yet so idk. We kinda talked about it in few words an texts but never really sat down and talked about it. I thought about doing it but don't wanna make her feel pressured to do what she doesn't want 2. should I just do something small like kiss her cheek or something or just wait till she wants 2?


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  • Wow, 11 months?

    Anyway. One thing my boyfriend did before our first kiss was just to kiss my hand quickly. You could try that. I think the best idea would be to wait until you're alone with her and when you two are looking at each other, go slowly but do it. You don't really need to work up to it, I think you've already had 11 months to do that. =P


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