Should I call her when she said she needed to talk to me?

It was just happened a few minutes ago. she called me and texted me when I couldn't answer the phone. I called her when I saw her missed call. she asked me gave her a ride tonight. I really wanted to say "yes", but I couldn't. because I've got to wake up at 4 am tmrow.. so I said her sorry I couldn't... then she said "it's OK have a good night" then hung up.. I think I just kicked golden chance..should I call her tomorrow nd ask her what happen to her last night or would it be too late?


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  • Well I mean being rejected when asking that is pretty embarrassing.I mean if you asked her that and she said that, wouldn't you feel embarrassed. Nah, she'll get over it. Just give her that golden ticket when you are free.

  • a text is probably better. Just a how was your night or something, to let her know she's on your mind.

    • Yeah I'm thinking of texting her.. I was actually embarrassed when she called me. I had no idea what to say to her on the phone..

    • Tell her you were about 2 call or you were texting and she interrupted it with the call she gave u..

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