How do you people of GAG feel about first cousins dating?

how would you react to this?

Do you think its an ok thing or what?

Me and my cousin where talking about this the other day (note: my cousins a guy and we are both straight.)

And we spent like 20min arguing about it.

both taking the same side. xd


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  • To me, family is family. I can't stomach the thought of doing anything beyond a hug or friendly kiss to one of my cousins. I have family members who did it and were completely comfortable.

    If two first cousins can ignore and deal with the potential ridicule from other family members, then who can really stop you?

    I just can't do it.


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  • I think its a little icky

    if you look at it from a genetic standpoint, a first cousin is almost like a half sibling (with both a first cousin and a half sibling you would have one set of grandparents in common) so it's almost like dating a brother or sister, from a strictly Darwin point of view.

  • Um.depends on the situation. If it's by marriage (no blood relation) I could understand better than if there was a blood relation. If there is a blood relation it's a strict "Heck no that's quite wrong"


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  • first cousins, that are blood realitive, no. second cousins I can understand but its still a bit wierd. 3rd cousin and on doesn't bother me at all.