Would you date a jobless man?

Yes, either way
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No, i wouldn't
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Only if he wants to change it in the foreseeable future
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+1 y
For "Genie23" who has blocked me cause she knows she isn't able to debate with me; No, i don't judge, when i talk about the most common illness in the world. i just state. That's what you don't seem to understand. The reason why i asked this question was just to see how judgmental most people are on here and if there are people who aren't infected by the illness of society. I also haven't said anything like i'm a dreamguy. So why are you getting so aggressive?
+1 y
I know that kind of behavior against me well. The only think that your offendedness causes is to confirm my statements. Thanks for showing your banality.
Would you date a jobless man?
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