Why does he say maybe when I ask him if he wants to hang out?

Alright, so this guy I really like. I'm sure he's interested in me.

He seems like a sweet guy, and he is. I just want to hangout with him to see if I actually really like him.

I have asked him to hang out with me. He said maybe. And says that maybe usually means yes. So then why doesn't he just say yes. So then I asked him again a week later but instead on an exact date. And his reply was that he was working. I asked him what time. And he never replied. Maybe I should just ask him in person.

But why does it seem like he doesn't want to? I asked him and he said it's not like he doesn't want to hang out.

But why won't he make plans with me?


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  • That's really hard but maybe he doesn't know if he likes you or not and is afraid of hurting you or he likes you and thinks you don't like him and is afraid of getting himself hurt

    or maybe for some other reason


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