I have been seeing a new guy for 3 wks now - he is very friendly and

full of conversation... HOWEVER, during the work week he does not call to chat much or answer much until today.. Which is fine as we are new to each other now Sunday he called me we stayed on the phone 4 hrs then we met up and had a couple of drinks.. then we talked some more after I got home and he was on his way home as he lives an hour away.. I called him today to say hello during my lunch as I was walking in the sun as it is nice in Boston today -- warm.. So he answered - but did not have any conversation - he answered my questions also wished me a good rest of my day -- but offered up NO conversation himself - he did say he was in a freezer on a loading dock - so I GUESS men also don't like the HELLO call in the middle of their work day - am I wrong or what? He is a very nice person. Do guys find it annoying for that call to visit mid day while they work - as we woman love that mid day hello call from our special guy... pls advise...?


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  • i don't love that mid day call and purposely turn my phone off for that reason. my work is pretty stressful and intense in the sense that if someone calls me for something not important, it'll ruin my train of thoughts. I tell my boyfriend not to call during work. if he needs something, then text or email me. maybe your boyfriend is the same as me

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