Is it possible to have a healthy fling knowing it is temporary?

Matched this woman on a dating site. She doesn't look all that special, but is cute in her photos. She wasn't clear on what she was looking for in her bio, but after a few messages, she let's me know she is only in my area for a limited time, but she still wants companionship of some kind. I agree to meet and she is so much more attractive than her photos. On top of that, we have this amazing chemistry and are really enjoying each other's company. I learned she has a kid and that doesn't really bother me (it's not abnormal at our ages). Time flew and what I thought would be an average quick date turned into several hours and a little making out towards the end. We want to see each other again and agree to it. Then my mind started thinking about how great I think she is and I would love to know more about her. This is starting to set alarms off in my head as I know that kind of thinking could lead to an attachment that a good friend thinks is ultimately going to go bad. She's probably right. We both are pretty busy during the week, and she has texted me a bit and I honestly don't know how to carry a text conversation with someone I shouldn't get too attached to. I've had casual relationships before that never bothered me too much when we separated, but there is something about this woman and our first interaction that makes me want to really get to know her. Bad idea? Or should I just go with the flow, take the experience for what it is and enjoy the ride?
Is it possible to have a healthy fling knowing it is temporary?
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