1-on-1 or group date?

I'm planning on asking out the girl I like to do something this weekend. However, I'm not sure of what I suggest we do. My roommate suggested I invite her out to dinner with him, his girlfriend and another couple we know. Is this a good atmosphere/idea for a first date or is it better to be 1-on-1? What are some opinions or experiences you've had with one or the other?


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  • If you're gonna have a group date, make sure she knows the other people that are going (and makes sure she likes them a bit). It would be terribly awkward and nerve wracking for her if she went on a date with three other people she barely knows. This first date works better if you two don't really know each other.

    If you have known each other for awhile though (and somewhat more comfortable around each other), I'd go one on one for the first date.


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