do you think I'm being a nice friend and patient OK my friend

likes the same guy I always put a smile on my face and never say anything when she talks about him has his jacket and tells me she's going to ask him out I am so mad but don't say so cz I don't want her to feel like I just want him for me so I said nothing the whole time iv`e done everythingto become his friend and not seem trashy so am I being a good friend or bad

am I to good or should I be alil bad ?


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  • Oh sweetie, I totally understand where you're coming from. I'm still dealing with these kind of situations and I'm way older!

    Okay, so basically it comes down to this: what's more important to you? Your friendship or a possible relationship with this guy? It's okay, whatever the answer is, it doesn't matter if it's "right" or "wrong", you have to do what's best for yourself.

    Please understand that if you pursue this guy, she's going to be just as angry as you feel when she talks about him. As long as you're honest with yourself and what is as stake here, I think you need to decide for yourself...no one can tell you what choice to make.

    Good luck hun!

  • theres nothin wrong with liking the same guy as your friend. unfortunately she was the first one to declare that she likes him, and if you say anything now she's going to think that you only want him because she does. since you both are friends with this guy, you should up your game a little bit and show him you're interested, and leave it up to him to decide who he likes. you can choose to either tell your friend you're into this guy too before you do this, or after when you know if he likes you too. either way you have to tell your friend how you feel. keep in mind though, that there's going to be some tension between your'll once she knows. if she's a good friend she would understand