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I went on a date with a girl from my college..after having coffee I dropped her near her apartment and she invited me to come in and it was already 9:00pm in the evening. Then we had a walk around in her beautiful compound around the pool in the society.Then she took me to her top floor terris...After that we again went on a date 2days later followed by the same procedure and spend time on her terris...We daily chat latenite as well...So My question is she attracted to me ?...does she wants me to kiss her? ...if ya then how do I kiss her sum way which won't look awkward ?


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  • Well this is tricky you don't want to ruin a perfectly good friendship by making things awkward... On the other hand obviously you like this girl. I know the way things are now men don't mind a woman making the first move, but as a woman I want a man to take control and be confident from the start. I would be blunt next time your taking a stroll with her ask her if she says no then maintain your friendship worst that can happen is you won't get kissed, there are worse things than that like not trying at all. Or simply observe her if things get quiet when she's close then she might just be waiting for you to make your move. Either way good luck to you!


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