Is anyone else frustrated with the way their dating life is going?

I've always been a caring and decent guy, but it seems like the only guys that have luck are the loud and obnoxious guys. It's frustrating because I see this working every day, yet I don't want to be that way.

I believe the way I am is the right way to be, I have integrity and it's not working for me.

Anyone have some words of wisdom for me please?

I mean all I keep hearing is "be patient". But it's taking forever to find the right girl.


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  • Guys like you don't come around very often and when a girl meets someone like you, they'll be so grateful to have a caring guy in their life. So just stay true to yourself and do not try to be like those loud and obnoxious guys... it gets old really fast and at the end of the day, we just want someone that will about us. You still have so much time ahead of you, and seriously do not rush it. The right girl will come at the right time and you can't just go looking for one cause those relationships just won't work out like that. I understand that it can be frustrating, but when she does come around, the wait will be so worth it.

    Good luck! :)

    • Oops, I meant that will CARE about us. I missed that word haha

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  • hey...i'm kinda going through the same phase...all the girls who don't have any self respect what-so-ever have me some of them don't even look good and their behavior is just ...BLAH! I wonder how can some guys like such girls? I on the other hand have been called boring,old fashioned and considered to be a prude! I just don't get it...i just want a guy who compliments my that too much to ask?

    i think that cupid is conspiring against us! there is absolutely no other explanation!

    But my advice to you is that don't try to be like those icky guys who think just because they are standing in front of a girl she will swoon! they get nowhere! I'm sure you'll find the girl you are looking for. but frankly, reading this makes me feel a little better, at least I'm not the only one! ALL THE BEST!

  • ohh this is so cute :) You are rare, just don't change...most of girls go for the wrong type of guys because they are immature...but you're going to find the right girl, just there's no need to rush will come naturally :) Good luck!

    • Thanks for the kind words. But you have to understand how frustrating it is. I found the right girl last year and she didn't feel the same. One of the few girls where my love for her personality was wayy above her looks. Life doesn't always work out :(

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  • I'm frustrated definitely. Sometimes I feel I'm the only one with the effort. But I haven't given up, and that makes all the difference. If you truly want to reap the benefits, sometimes you're going to have to be tested.

  • Bro, I'm in your very same position right now. I know sucks. I have many friends who are in relationships right now or they're "seeing" someone. I get a lot of attention from girls but I don't like over half of them. Yes, they are cute but they just don't suit me. I also see so many girls with obnoxious boyfriends or "guys they are falling for" that are complete douche bags. I'm also a very caring guy. People "especially parents" tell me I'm so different from many other guys out there. And some of my "girl friends" parents say they wish I was dating there daughter, because I would be the right guy for her. I've been single for like a year and a half now and I miss being in relationships. Waiting for the right girl is still on my waiting list. I don't wanna throw myself into any girl and devalue myself. And you shouldn't either. Getting a girl just for the sake of being in a relationship never works out.

    I learned that you have to be honest about your feelings toward a girl...and if you do that and you truly love a girl...your relationship will be great. I have gotten in relationships with girls that I regret. I never truly liked them. There has been one girl in my life that I truly loved..and we dated for a long time.

    MY ADVICE TO YOU MAN IS YOU HAVE TO STAY CONFIDENT. ESPECIALLY CONFIDENT WITH YOURSELF. That is what I am doing today and it really helps. Just go befriend some girls that interest you and get to know them as a person. And if you like one of them...Don't be concerned about whether or not she will like you. People who are nervous, worried, or concerned will reserve themselves and stand in a defeated stance. (arms crossed, shoulders shrugged forward, head down, etc.. But remember...You are confident, generous, and a great guy. You can't want any better qualities than that. A lot of guys wish they could be those things, so why should you worry?

    So smile man! You have nothing to worry about. Just be confident and smile a lot! Smiling projects that you're comfortable with yourself. So go out there and appear that you're having the time of your life! Girls love confident men, and they will see it all over your face. So have a plan for your life, have a direction, feel good about yourself, be proactive in your relationships with women, and don't ever be concerned about what will happen.


    Be confident in everything you do, and do not fear. Worry and fear only causes situations to get worse. So in every action be confident and honest, take the lead in everything you do, and make sure to smile =)

    DO NOT look at the down side to every situation, but look on how you can change it. Be confident and feel good about yourself.

    Life is to short to be worrying about things. Good luck bud =)