She won't answer/return calls, but will text?

So I met a girl close to 2 weeks ago at a restaurant and got her number. Called 2 days later and got a voicemail and asked her to call me. Regardless a day passes and she doesn't, I text her the a day later and she responds to my text, and we text back and forth for a few hours.

Over the next few days whenever I text her she responds almost instantly. I do all of the texting first, but then she will always respond to anything I send her. I tried calling again and the phone picked up then hung up, she texted me saying "sorry I am doing something with my mom right now".

I felt like she was definitely at least some-what interested, but it seems like she never wants to talk on the phone, only text. Do you think she is interested/playing hard to get? or what?


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  • People can be weird about phone calls. They can't answer them in class/ at work/ out with only one other person/ driving. Texts are just so easy and convenient. Some people are just weird about making and taking calls.

    But with texts you miss a lot of relationship building you only really get in phone calls.

    In this case I would say try and get an in person date set up, and go from there. If she won't set up anything in person, delete her number and run.