Why won't he kiss me first?

OK, so I've just started Uni and within the first few days I met a guy.. we've been getting together now since we met, we've been to the cinema, hung out, kissed.. a lot. He's been round mine twice now and I've been round his and we've just watched movies and made out.. but he hasn't tried anything on. at all.

Everytime we start kissing I always have to initiate it, it's like he won't do it, or doesn't want to.. or is nervous? When he's kissing me he's not nervous, it's just that I have to kiss him first pretty much. Last night we were lying on my bed after having been kissing and I was just staring at him hoping he would kiss me first, just spur of the moment sort of thing because he CAN, and he just looked at me, and just kept looking at me.

He hasn't tried anything on at all..He hasn't touched me anywhere except like my waist, leg and face etc, nothing touchy.. I don't understand. He obviously likes me or he wouldn't stay and makeout with me until 3am! .. so why won't he just I don;t know.. take control? It's not that I dislike taking control, I'd just quite like him to.. what is he doing!?


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  • He's nervous, lol

    Waaaaay nervous. I mean yeah, first or second time is okay. Next time you two have a staring contest, just poke him with something like "Kiss me, you dummy". He'll get the bloody clue.

    That or he cannot see the opportunity for a kiss in front of him. Dense x10.


What Girls Said 1

  • maybe he's scared?

    why don't you try not kissing him, but making it obvious you want to and see what he does

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