What to text a girl I'm interested in?

i have a really good friend, she happens to be very pretty and smart, and I really want to hang out with her more, but I don't know what to text her, or how to stir up a convo without it being to akward.

what should I text her to start up a convo.

and do girls like being texted first.

and do you think shell think I'm a creep texting her out of the blue?


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  • Girls LOVE being texted first. Just don't over do it and text her so much that she might get annoyed. She won't think your a creep if you text her out of the blue. It will show that your thinking about her. Most guys I know say things like "hey what's up?" "what are you doing?" but cut to the chase. Be fun and interesting. You could just send her a text and say "hey we should hang out again sometime." Or better yet tell her in person if you get a chance to see her. She will see your courage and confidence.. which always makes a guy more attractive.


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