Can you guys help me out?

hi everyone. I'm writing a compare contrast essay for my ap english class and I'm going to do it on girls vs guys.

can you give me some things that you think are similar and different between the two? thanks :D


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  • You're going to have to choose a more specific area in which you plan on comparing girls and guys. If you wanted to compare guys and girls effectively you'd be writing a book, or possibly book series.

    Girls tend to be more image conscious than men.

    Men tend to worry more about being respected.

    Men are often more direct and aggressive.

    Women tend to take a more passive-aggressive approach.

    Both, contrary to popular belief, tend to be equally jealous of their significant other.

    Both, again contrary to popular belief, are equally likely to cheat on their significant other.

    Women tend to be more emotionally driven, emotionally sympathetic, emotionally empathetic, and more visible with their emotions.

    Men both try to hide their emotions more and aren't as emotionally sensitive.

    These answers are intentionally vague to give you a direction to take more than to list off differences.

    • Thanks for giving a real answer:)

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  • Well, Women are more protective of there kids Then men are. Ever see a mother bear? don't wanna mess with them lol. Men are more protective of the family as a hole, BUT the mother keeps the family together..

    Men are more sloby and more rough(foot ball)

    Women are more caring and passionate.(chick flicks.)

    Men are more Upfront

    Women tend to Keep everything in

    Men hide feelings to share them.

    There are many differences.. also a new study out said women can endure more pain the men..

    Good luck on you're essay

    • Have you ever seen a father bear? Those are far more dangerous than a mother.

  • Your in an AP class, doesn't that mean your smarter at cheating than everyone else? Most of the AP kids cheat.

    • Umm this is not cheating? I'm getting ideas for the paper I'm going to write.

    • I'm well aware, I just thought I'd make you aware that a lot of your fellow ap students are not as smart as you think.

    • A lot of people cheat at life so you know that's how the cookie crumbles. . . don't make that a norm of ap kids though.

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  • okay, so I'm just a junior in high school, but I love essays. depending on the guy most girls and guys all have a routine. like up in the morning, shave? get all primped up.

    And a lot of females and males also have the same sex patterns. you should google that to see what I mean

    • Haha I'm a junior too, thanks for your answer:)

  • Girls are moody, whereas guys are not. Guys are strong than girls.

    Girls spend a lot more time worrying about how they look comaperd to men.

    Women are housewives, i.e., cooking cleaning.

    Men are expected to protect his family,

    I don't know something like that.

  • Boys have penis's. Girls have Vaginas.

    Although there are some exceptions to this

    • Hmmm yeah, I think everyone knows that. . . its an essay come on