Follow up question: when to be available?

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thanks for all your helpful/insightful comments. The update is that he called Tuesday night (2 days after he got back). Left a message at 7:45 that he'll only be available to talk till 8:30. Otherwise I can call him back during the week. So, per protocol I did not call him and will tonight.

The question is: letting him know when I'm available. To be honest there's an event every day of the week/weekend that I could go to, but I'd like to see him without seeming like I'm always available. I have been available 95% of the time so far. So, If you were me (and today is Tuesday) which day(s) of the week would you be available. Mind you, we've never had a Fri/Sat/Sun date yet.

Should I suggest a date that would last from afternoon-evening instead of just one night?

And how to keep it a little less intimate than last time. I think I will have a short conversation about wanting more emotional closeness before things go further physically.

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  • Never make yourself too available to a man you are dating. NEVER.

    Secondly, the dates should be convenient for you, so whenever you want to go out, give him like two dates and let him pick one.

    You have the control to be touchy feely with him when you are ready but let him know your intentions.

    Give him a deadline to reply and get back to you about a date just like he gives you deadlines about when he is available to talk.

    Keep the playing field even at all times. If you give someone an inch, sometimes, they will take enuf to hang themselves. It's all in the art of courting.

    Good luck!


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  • Yeh you are breaking this thing down way too much. It's really not that complicated. First off I don't think you should suggest a date first, I think he should say something since he has been a little bit weird about calling you when he got back. And if you don't want to get physical then don't just see how he wants it to go. Don't be too weird though either he might think things' changed while he was gone or something. Good luck.

  • Why would you expect to have a fri/sat/sun date given that you've only been on one date with him? This sounds a bit more complicated than it should be. If you're available you're available, if you have activities to do, then take care of those. If the guy wants to see you again he'll throw out some day and you can counter if you're busy that day.

    • There was a previous question that explains further. this would be the fifth date, not the second. the link is in the first sentence above. thanks for the comments.

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  • Wow this is your second date? Well anyhow, it's still in the early stages. I would go on a date that is not so intimate. For example bowling or maybe dinner. You sound a bit too technical on this whole dating thing. I suggest not being so analytical about it and just have fun. Whatever works with your schedule and his.