Should I reply to these texts?

I have this friend, and I really like him. a lot. and I think he likes me too, because he sends me good morning texts. and ones that say good night, and sweet dreams. and this is an indication that he likes me isn't it? I think it is. anyways, I was wondering how I should reply to these. because the few times that I have replied, he didn't say anything back. does that mean that he didn't want me to reply to them? I'm confused.


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  • If he does like you then he wants you to reply to those "good morning" and "good night" texts. And likes talking to you, but may not reply back to you the second time. Maybe because he doesn't want to say or ask you something that may weird you out, and cause you to avoid him by not answering his texts at all.


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  • I think you're taking these texts way to seriously. It's cool that he says good morning and good night to you. But if you like him, then you should go for it and stop reading into texts so much. A good reply is, you to or something like that. If you want to hang out PLEASE don't text him and ask. Physically call or talk to him face to face. It shows that you have confidence and that you're not one to hide behind emotionless words on a phone.

    • I'm not taking them too seriously. I was just wondering why he sends those texts everyday and then doesn't say anything back when I reply. and by the way I have other reasons why I think he likes me. I'm not basing that off of some silly text messages. he's asked me out before, but I said no. and what's the big deal about asking someone to hang out in a text? he's already a good friend of mine so he wouldn't find it weird or anything. and people do it all the time.

    • It's just my opinion. I find it more meaningful with actual voice than a text. I'm entitled to it.

    • Oh sorry... I didn't mean to come across so bitchy. lol. I do appreciate you giving your opinion, and thanks for the advice.