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Am I Allowed To Ask Her Why?

I have been messaging this women I met online. We have been messaging for almost a month now. We have never met, as she is too shy to meet me. We have done video chatting, but again, too shy to really even speak.

The main reason I post this is to wonder if I can ask her why she messages so slowly? There are so many times where she will message me, I am usually able to respond in 10 seconds to 5 mins max unless I am busy working. Even though I know she got home from work and has free time, it will still take her an hour or more to respond. I fully understand when she is busy, it makes sense, but she could have a whole day off and she only messages once every hour or two.

I know we are really into each other, we have talked about many things, and we are very open with each other. I'm not really a needy person, but I just wish the conversations could move a little faster. Messaging every 15 minutes wouldn't be too bad. There has been a couple days where she only messaged me 3 times in the day.

I just wish I could verbally talk to her to get things across quicker. I am actually not a big fan of messaging. I like to call 9 times out of 10.

I guess I will keep waiting till she isn't as shy.
Am I Allowed To Ask Her Why?
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