Guys what do you mean when you say "we should hang out soon"?

This guy I've kind of been seeing went on a date with me last weekend. after the date he texted me to say he had a good time and would want to hang again some time this week. a few days later I texted him back just casually asking hows your day and we talked a while finally at the end of the convo he said lets hang out soon. have heard from him since and its been a few days. Is he just busy or is he blowing me off?


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  • It means exactly what the title says! There is no misleading factor here!

    He probably likes you and is into you and would like to spend more time with you. He says "we should hang out soon" to initiate that he really wants to hang out with you some more but at the same time he does not want to be too pushy...just in case you don't like him.

    In other words, he is saying he is interested in you and is trying to get that to cross your mind.

    • Ok so its Friday should I text him or wait for him to text me to do something? If he really wanted to hang out wouldn't he have already made plans or texted to say hi?

    • Sorry I responded late. But for future references... Let him be the first to text you. If he likes you, he will let you know by talking to you first. He will engage you (initiate you first). But if he has a shy side to him you may want to text him if he is not texting you. Just give him a little time first. And yes. He would have made plans unless he' shy. Don't think he is already blowing you off if he's not texting you. He could be shy and just really likes you.

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