When I do schedule a date with this girl?

We met at college on Monday and things went very well. I got her Facebook, which was a mistake (should have sprung for number), but I'll get her number soon. I sent her a message commenting on how our meeting was fun and inviting her to coffee sometime and she replied "I'd love to meet and talk to you again", which I assume is a yes.

It's Friday, so when should I schedule it? Sunday is probably earliest day, but it's iffy since it's Halloween, maybe she made plans with others for that day already, I don't know. Monday we'll both probably go the school club we met at, though we could meet beforehand (afterward turns it into dinner). Tuesday is totally free for me, but is the furthest day away.

So how do I go about scheduling this? What day is best? Man, I should have gotten her phone number, it's way easier to arrange stuff with that than Facebook since you get an instant reply and I could have had a weekend outing sorted out a couple days ago.


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  • Lol, got her Facebook? First and last names are pretty hard to come by, eh?