Would anyone date someone like me?

This is a weird question, but I was just wondering if anyone would ever like me for me, you know? I was wondering if anyone would ever like me regardless of how I look like or how I dress or any other factor.

I’m shy, but not shy-shy where I don’t talk to you. Shy as in, I don’t really want to be the center of attention. I make friends easily, but I have trouble keeping them. I don’t have a best friend and I tend to be self-conscious most of the time. I’m irresponsible and have horrible time management. I’m not smart, but I’m in the IB Diploma Programme. I love to party and I love to read books and do arts and crafts. I love children and love to volunteer in my community. I find it hard to express emotions and I tend to have a happy look most of the times. I’m always smiling, even if I’m not happy or even if it’s not genuine. I find it hard to trust others, but I don’t give up easily. I love challenges, but I hate taking risks. I act like a kid sometimes and am quite hyper. I love to travel and I would love to someday travel around the world to meet new people of different cultures. My dream is change and impact the world one way or another, no matter how big or small.

And just in case you’re wondering...Physically, I’m pretty short. 4’10’’ and weigh 105lbs. Asian with super dark brown eyes. Medium & completely (I mean COMPLETELY. It’s not very volumized) straight, dark brown hair with blond-ish highlights. I look young with a baby-like face; people still mistake me for a 10 year-old even though I’m already 16.


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  • Obviously there is someone who will. There seem to be lots of good qualities you mentioned. Things you can work on are time management and being responsible. As I see it, you may have slowly overcome your shyness.

    I think you will find there are plenty of guys who like all the same things you do.

    • Haha, okay, thanks for your answer :)

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  • Nope!..it would weird me out..

    • 'Kay, thanks for your answer :) I know that I'm different from people :P

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    • Haha yes :) But some of us pretend or change ourselves into someone we're not just to meet society's standards.

    • Yeah!..u are right..

  • I would date you.

    • Thanks for your answer :) Now I know I'm not completely hopeless ha ha xD Just kidding :P

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