So mad...any other possible reasons?

Really like this guy, and he likes me...

Hardly texts or calls or even initiate contact, rather shy around me but nonetheless shows interest...

Well since we hardly see each other, we always wait for each other on the stairway, and walk and talk together to one of our classes...well I got there early when I started to wait I looked over and saw him a few feet away waiting outside some classroom, then this girl walked out. He started to walk and talk with her them both laughing & walking real close together I was waving to get his attention but then she and him walked the other way. For a brief moment I was p*ssed. But I mean I wouldn't sulk all day over something like this, but deep down it made my day even worse today. I really like I'm a little sad I mean me and this guy's got something of a history. Any thoughts? Thanks for any help you can offer me :)


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  • You don't have a history. You guys walked to class a few times and nothing happened.

    He found someone else to walk