Is my ex in a rebound relationship and do we still have a chance?

9 months ago I split up with my ex I'm 26 and she's 22. For a few months before hand she was telling me I need to move out and she needs space. We was living at her mum and dad in a small room. Before my daughter was born I gave up my job and left my friends and family but for a good reason to be there for my ex and my daughter when she was finally born which is the best day of my life.

I moved back to my parents 40 miles away from her and I had to leave my daughter behind. I have tried to see my daughter as much as I could and I have her every weekend.

I have only just found out that in May she got with someone and now they have been dating since then! For months in to the break up she was saying give me time and everything will work out.

It hurts me deeply that the person I have spent the last 5years with is now with someone else.

Recently things have been getting tense with my ex saying things about my daughter and saying I'm a bad father.

In the last week she has asked me to go on holiday with my daughter and her next year but we stay in different apartments and go with our mates, then I would have my daughter a few days then she will have her the others. The thing I don't get if I was her new fella an knew she was planning that I wouldn't be to happy with it might be the way I think.

Also she has asked me to go to a store that we used to love going to as a couple before Xmas to get in the spirit of it all.

The hardest thing is all my dreams for me,my daughter and ex are all over. One of them was in September I was going to ask my ex to marry me and we was going to buy our own place.

She asks me not to talk to her and text her unless its about my daughter which I think is fair enough but she will send me random texts like about the holiday mentioned above. Its as if she's the puppet master and I'm the puppet.

I just want to get my family back any help to achieve this would be much appreciated.
We finally had a decent conversation last night. She told me again she is with this new fella who she never used to like she said "hated" and then we had a joke about him being 7 years old then her. It hurt like hell to talk about him but kinda feel like
I found out That she don't really care bout him as she didn't no when his birthday was and she was taking the p*ss out of him. We are going out for a little walk on Saturday with our daughter so I asked what he thought about her seeing me and talking to
Me and she said she don't care what he thinks! How do I now play it. I asked what attracted her to me in the 1st place. She said I was funny had to same kinda minds and just got on. Just need some advise now


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  • OMG, you poor thing, that's horrible! In what should be the most happy time of your life, you're dealing with this crap :(.

    I'm sorry to hear that your ex used lies to get out of your relationship. Her cheating on you wasn't fair and it just made it hurt more than if she just broke up with you because she wasn't happy. That being said, I don't think you should hang on to hope that you guys will get back together. It does sound like she's leaning that way...but really, do you want to be back in that? I know you love her and she's the mother of your child, but if she cheated on you after 5 years, she's likely to do that again. And even if you got back together and she doesn't ever cheat on you again, you will always be wondering and will not be able to trust her.

    IF you do get back together, just please make sure that you look at the whole situation and honest figure out whether you can deal with what it is or not. YOU deserve that and YOUR DAUGHTER deserves that honey. Good luck hun!

    • She didn't cheat on me, we split up in feburary and then in may she was with her new guy. I have never seen them together just seen pics and what my ex has said but I don't no if she says it all to get me going as my friends have said there is no signs of them really together on Facebook not that I really care. For the last 9 months have never stopped thinking about her and if I wanted to move on it's hard cause I have to talk and see her all the time and all I wanna do is make things rite again

  • ask her out on dates, be romantic.

    ask her what she wants you to change, tell her you WILL change.

    ask her why she loved you in the first place, tell her you are still the same.

    remind her of how much you love her and why.

    read a book on this kind of stuff... on how to build relationship. read the 5 love languages, and find out what hers is and then love her like that and she might start to want you back in her life.

    well, whatever you do... make sure she is respecting you and not walking all over you!

    • Thank you for the reply. I have asked her a few times to come along with me and my daughter to enjoy the moments with her and she says no all the time.

      I don get the whole holiday thing mentioned above would you ask the same thing to an ex if so why? This is all like a bad dream and I want to wake up with my ex and my daughter next to me again!!

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