Why doesn't he ask me what I'm doing the days on the weekend we don't see each other?

We have been dating for 6 months. He asks out one day during the week and day during the weekend. He texts me daily and he calls me once or twice a week. If we have a date on Friday, he tells me what his plans are for Saturday and Sunday. I find it a bit unusual that he doesn't ask me what I will be doing those days as well.


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  • because men are logical thinkers... he'll only ask you if he wants to know what you are doing.

    • So does that also mean he doesn't care?

    • No it just means that unless there's a logical reason for wondering it, men won't wonder it. Women think about those kinds of things...men never do, they aren't wired that way. So don't expect a man to be all in tune with a human's feelings. Casue they never were born that way and they never will be.

    • Thank you.

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