Is he playing it safe?

First of all, my coworker kissed me after I drove him to his car. This led to a full on makeout session for well over an hour. He was very playful and flirty and when we weren’t kissing we were just talking about anything and everything. When he went to go get in his car he even gave me a peck on the check, shoulder, and a quick one on the lips. The next day at work he was very playful and flirty just like he was in the car and kept touching me a lot. Fast forward to 3 days later without talking, we had work together again. He didn’t seem like he was into me at all, and honestly just seemed to be acting weird. We joked a little bit, but zero touches until the last 5 minutes when I nearly fell over and he wrapped an arm around my waist to steady me. It was just so weird going from kissing, to touching, to nothing, and then one quick gesture... opinions? Is he trying to make it seem like he’s not into me that much or was he just having a bad day? Boys are so confusing.
Is he playing it safe?
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