I asked this girl out, but she says she is not ready yet - what should I do?

I asked this girl out that I really liked but she said she is not ready yet. Me and her have been hanging out for a couple months now and we really have fun together. She just broke up with her ex. boyfriend over the summer and she said it was a done deal. I talked to her about it and she said that she hates him and doesn't care for him anymore. So I thought I had the go flag and it's been long enough that she is ready to date. So with that mindset, I started to pursue her and we hung out for 2 months now. We do stuff like talk in her room, homework, go to her friends house, and cute little stuff like that. She said she likes me, she calls me stud, I make her laugh all the time, and she said she can be her self around me. I thought this girl was into me so after we hung out the other day I felt it was time to ask her out. Well I wrote her a love letter expressing my feelings for her and I put it in a little M&M mini's bottle. The M&m's is just the first intial of our names, and we made list and planed trips called M&M trip or M&M bucket list. I thought this was a acute little idea to do for her and she would surely love it. Well anyways, I had the bottle of M&M 's with the love letter inside of it and we hung out last night. She had to be home at a certain time so she left, and I walked outside with her to her car. I pulled out the bottle of M&ms and she laughed at the bottle first. I said it was a sapecial bottle with something inside of it but I'm not gonna give it to you unless you do one thing for me. She said what and I told her I won't give it to her unless she goes out on a date with me. She giggled and did a little antsy move and said yes. I huged her and said awesome, drive home safely and text me after you open the bottle. Well she opened the bottle and read the letter and texted me saying I was aweomse, but she wanted to talk about her saying yes. She said yes, but she was worried that she wasn;'t ready in the relationship. I tried to convince her that it'll be fun and I won't hurt her in anyway. She was worried that if we jumped into dating now the same things that happened with her ex will happen again with us. So we talked it out and it finally came to the conculsion that we would wait and she would let me know when she is ready. She said she likes me and reallys wants to date me but she just wasn;t ready.

OK so with all that ebing said, I ended up here in confused and wondering if what she is saying is true or what is going on. Someone, anyone want to give any advice on what's going on here?


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  • since she just broke up not too long ago, it's possible. I know a friend who also feels that way because being in a relationship is like a rollercoaster and after a bad ride you need a breather.

    the good thing is that it seems she doesn't want you to be the rebound guy, so she probably will be sorting herself out for you. though waiting is quite a tricky part.. hmm.. it's very unpredictable what will happen next.


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