What's a good way to ask a girl to go steady?

what's a good way to ask a girl to become your girlfriend...? We haven't hooked up or anything yet, it's just the usual hang out stuff with me throwing in hints here and there and of course I always get mixed signals back...So I was thinking of moving forward and try to ask her to go steady...But how exactly do I do that? Because I feel like at this point if I just asked her to get food or the movies wouldn't really mean much since we get lunch regularly on campus together...?

Or should I make physical moves first like taking her somewhere private and walk with her and start holding her hand? or when it gets cold put my arms around her shoulders?


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  • Hey, I don't think you should just go for it and hold her hand or put an arm around her shoulder because if a guy did that to be me I think I would just feel confused and awkward if previously we had always acted as friends.

    Do you guys go on nights out together? That always seems to be an OK way to break the ice and finally just ask "what do you think we would be like together" if she doesn't seem interested you can kind of fob it off as a joke.

    Otherwise I would just come right out and say it, in person or in txt. Like just say that you think that you are interested in taking things further with her and how would she ffeel about that. Its always good to add in a fall back so that if she doesn't want anything more you can go back to being friends. How about something along the lines of " Hey listen I have been thinking lately that I want to start something with you...we get on so well and I think we could be really great together becaue...bl bla , But I totally understand if you think it would be weird because we are good freinds..." This way you are giving her 2 options and you can go back to being friends if it doesn't work out. Good luck!


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