What is your Internet dating experience?

have you done it? how long did it last? is it working? why didn't it work?

my longest was 3 months... it ended cause I could not commit. I enjoyed my freedom, is that wrong?

please tell me and everybody your internet dating experience.



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What Girls Said 1

  • just started. I was desperate after boyfriend broke up with me and started dating someone new a few weeks later. but anyways, you have to pick smartly. some are creepos others are nice people who are trying to expand their social circle. just gone out with a guy, not everything he wrote about himself, but still enough to keep my interest

    • Lol..."not everything he wrote about himself" funny... cause people lie in general... a person created a profile and things werent exactly right when you met them , would you not go out with them caused they lied?

What Guys Said 1

  • finally went on a date with her, she told the truth about her proffesion, she is a doctor, but that's where the truth ended. she is 6 years older than she said, 50 pounds heavier and 2 inches shorter. That being said we communicated for about 2 weeks before we ment in person, good convo ect, but when we met she looked nothing like I expected, and the pics she sent were just head shots. I am exactly who I said I was. I don't know if I will meet another women on an official date but will meet for a quick meeting. fyi I am a 45 year old w/m. I will give it a couple more tries, all I can say is be truthful with your prospective dates, or they will never work out.

    • Hmmmm 51 years old.... eventhough she "fibbed" , little white lies, isant that expected from the internet?

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