How am I doing so far with this girl?

Okay so there are a lot of details that I'm not going to put. The summary of our relationship so far has been texting until she broke up with her boyfriend. She knows I'm interested. I think she's interested.

Anyways I got to see her tonight for just maybe a good twenty minutes for the first time. What did we do? We sat in my truck right next to each other and talked. Although I think it was a BUNCH of flirting. I basically just listened to her. She babbled on and I looked into her eyes. I wanted to kiss her, but obviously it is WAY too soon.

I think we both enjoyed it. She even made me get out of the car for a hug. The hug was GREAT by the way. We're hopefully going to have plans on Thursday. I really like her and I want her to be my future girlfriend. Am I doing a good job so far? And would Thursday be too soon for a kiss?


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  • She JUST got out of a relationship? How long was she dating this other guy? How serious do you want to get with this girl? I think you will be able to tell if she wants to kiss or not. If she just got out of a long relationship, I hope your ready for a rebound situation.