What should I do after kissing a guy I know at school?

Me in this guy met last year & we became friends and I actually had this thing with his friend which never worked out. So a few weeks ago I could tell that he had a thing for me and we started flirting & just a few days ago we were alone laughing and we kissed, a long kiss and he started kissing my neck. I know he liked me and I have a feeling he wanted to kiss me and planned it. But now like we haven't talked about it and we're back to normal I guess. All my guy friends agree that he likes me. I really like him and don't know what I should do now.Its only been 4 days, we go to school together and I only saw him the day after it happened which was friday, and that's it. I'll see him tomorrow so should I confront him about it? Or like my guy friends say, just let him work his thoughts out on his own?


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  • well obvisously he is interesting in you, my advice is to see what he is doing after school or on the weekend and see if you can hangout with him. get his number an call or text. you can either make the next move, or wait for him to make the next move. if you make the next move he knows that you do really like him and it will go from there. if you let him make the move he may take a while. I know from my own experience that if he hasn't made the next move right away he is giving it a lot of thought, probably wondering it the kiss was good enough if you really like him...just many scenarios going through his mind. he may be scared or shy because he may not know if you like him and no guy wants to put himself in a situation where he can get rejected. If he knows that you like him then I don't know why he hasn't done something yet. just wait and see, patience grasshopper =D


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  • ok well I say go up and casually talk to him like a normal day flirt a little...maybe try and get him alone again and see what happens! good luck!...and you never know he may say something about it!

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