First Date Impressions?

I'm 99% sure this date went very good lol, but just to make sure I ask the people from here . We met online and she wanted see a movie for the first date. So I agreed making her feel comfortable with meeting for the first time. We saw SAW 3D so she was a little jumpy, scared or not but she ended up getting a little closer. So I made the plunge to hold her hand during the movie. Worked out she grabbed blah blah blah. At the end of the movie I kind of shuffled but told her I still wanted to hang out and wish we didn't have to end the date. So she said then we shouldn't, so we ended up sitting on the tailgate of my truck and talking for 2 hrs. I gave her a kiss goodbye she wanted a TIGHT hug after the kiss, and we left.


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  • I'd say that went pretty well. A good sign is that she didn't want it to end either. If you look at it this way, she could have easily ended things sooner but wanted to spend more time with you. Did she seem really interested in what you had to say and did she laugh/smile a lot if you joked with her? If so she's probably really interested in you.


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