If a guy ask me if I want something serious after second date, is he desperate or just likes me?

I've been seeing this guy for few weeks now
he's really cute and sweet
He always messages me "good morning" and "good night" everyday
We message each other throughout the day everyday
We already had 3 dates so far
But after the 2nd date, he asked if I wanted something serious coz he likes me
And after the 3rd date, he asked if I wanted this to go somewhere like he does since he likes me a lot
by the way, we kissed after the 2nd date
But is he desperate or just likes me?
His last relationship was 10 months ago and lasted over 1 year
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  • How about he is asking you that question because he wants to know where he is going? He probably likes you too. Nothing desperate in wanting to know where you are heading.

    • What do u mean by he wants to know where he's going and where im heading?

    • Lol he just wants to know where this whole thing between you and him is going. What is it going to end up as? A serious relationship? An open relationship? That is all

  • He doesn't want to waste time


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