Female Attention?

What's more attractive to women? The fact, that a boy is looking hot or that a man appears very adult?


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What Girls Said 2

  • A man is who he is for himself can he just be himself thanks biggest turn off he's a puzzle and a half if he's interesting that's another story sucky as ohh ok mate may I ask what about that tattoo or I see you're a bloke into bikes nods

    And I'd like to see a man has had a shower he's confident "this is ME and this is MY place on this world" he's attired decent meaning I don't have lunch on my shirt

    But what matters most he's mature nods

  • I'm really intimidated by a man who is very "adult".. or financially successful so I'll probably go with one who is hot. Not just cause he's hot but because the other option intimidates me.


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