Are French women really that bad to date or be in a serious relationship with?

Since French people in general seem to have a negative reputation of being rude and snobby, it's obvious that many people that I know would tell me how French women are bitchy, conceited, and "slutty"(none of these are obviously my words but from someone else who tried to convince me to avoid French women like the plague). Even a few French men have told me that being with French women are a pain in the ass. I ask this since I've met one French girl through a college party and so far, she seems like an alright girl but again, people warn me that just because a woman looks like an alright and chill lady at first, doesn't mean that she will be that way once you end up in a serious relationship with me and to watch out for those type of women.

There's even a cultural dating video on Youtube that portray French women negatively.

Sorry if this question and poll offends anyone here who is French but these are just are the harsh things I hear about French women and people keep telling me to be careful with this French girl I just met.
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  • Generalisation. What's important is the individual. The 'slutty' thing is ridiculous, but from a non-european perspective it may seem that way since they are more educated in general and are much more sexually liberated. Take that as you will.


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  • French women are fantastique' No where NEAR as high maintenance and entitled as American women!


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  • All women have issues this question is just sexist dude. Wtf

  • They can be pretty freaky


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