Tips on getting laid fast?

no, dating sites, tinder rarely work for me... in person im too shy to approach... how to get laid? im 24 and had sex only once


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  • You can't unless you pay.

    But if you are looking for intimate sex and committed love, then the only way is to find a woman whom you can love and who loves you in return, and then make her your wife.

    Since you're already of age and I assume has a career, then seeking help from friends and relatives is not difficult.

    Don't go online. They are mostly professionals.

    After you spread the word to trusted friends and relatives, just go for dates with the objective to get married.

    Women of your age will likewise be looking. So if both of you are compatible in life, then talk about marriage.

    I assure you, sex in a committed relationship is GREAT! I know because I married a virgin when I too was a virgin.


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  • Find yourself an escort. There‚Äôs plenty of gold diggers out there.

    • any other way? i am not bad looking... but not really gorgeus.. i really need to approach women thr old fashion way? xD

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  • Pay. For. It.

  • Pay for it. Or go to a trailer park with a little meth.


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