If guys don't like fat women why is he with me?

So my boyfriend and I have been together for over 3 months. We known each other beforehand for about 4 months. He was super shy at first and was wondering if he even liked me. We then started our relationship. He holds the door open for me most of the time, listens to me, smiles a lot at me (especially when I laugh), texts me regularly, he comes to the door to get me, is a hard worker, pays for me whatever we do, tips well when we go out to eat. We do bowling sometimes and I always do bad, but he always tells me to "believe in myself" or " you can do it". He met my mom and she likes him. And I met his family and they like me. He hasn't pressured me into sex or sending nudes like other potential boyfriends have before. He hasn't ever even talked about it, he's from a small town and goes to church with his family he's a country boy. We both take turns driving an hour to see eachother every weekend. But at first he would drive that every time we would wanna see each other. There's one problem.. I am the ugliest thing off this earth.. I posted a pic of me on here, people told me to lose weight. Should I break it off?If guys don't like fat women why is he with me?

But I feel my boyfriend deserves one of these women.. they are irresistible.. if they came onto him I know in a heartbeat he would want one.. How do I tell him?
He also glances at other women, more attractive than me.


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  • Get the fuck over yourself. Not everyone likes the same thing, and you've made the same, attention seeking, self-pitying crybaby post half a dozen times over.

    You boyfriend cares about you. He loves you. He clearly finds you attractive. The only one standing in the way of happiness is your own self-hatred. Talk to a therapist. Work through your issues. Focus on your own mental health.

  • Stop asking this. Men aren't shallow. Stop thinking like a woman.


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