Would you be weirded out upon learning this guy’s true feelings for you?

This being all true btw: If you had already known that liked you, but find out that he doesn’t like just any random girl, and you’re actually the first girl that he’s caught feelings for in 3+ years, and that you’re the only girl he’s ever met that he could see himself having a legitimate future with. This won’t come up in a random conversation or he won’t just come out and tell you, imagine you find out through a mutual friend.

This isn’t a guy you’re close with, but he’s been around you for a year.
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What Girls Said 2

  • Personally I'd probably feel shocked and flattered. But it depends on her. If she thought you just somewhat liked her, especially in more of a friendly way, then she would probably be really happy to hear that. If she wants to stay friends, I think you might be right and she would maybe put some space there. It really depends on your guys' relationship, not that you have to be close or anything. To me it seems like the first thing and she's waiting for a more definite reason that you like her maybe. Ultimately, you know the most.

  • I wouldn't get surprised


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