My emotions are clouding my judgment, help me out with this?

Thing is, whenever I go online late at night my girlfriend is mostly online and not talking to me. When I call her she's on other call even at 2 am sometimes.

Whenever she calls me, we're on call I'm talking and she's texting to her friends... Always...

When I ask her (did couple times) that if she doesn't find me interesting enough and wants to break up with me! She says never want to break up with me and never wants me to leave her and stuff like that.

What should I make of all that? Help me out please!


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  • If she doesnΒ΄t listen to you, she is unpolite, disrespectful, and obviously not really interested in you. She is playing games. Forget about her.


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  • She doesn't seem interested in you, perhaps just the idea of you, if this makes sense. Don't let her treat you like that, as she wouldn't like you doing it to her. Tell her how you feel and if things don't improve soon that you don't want to be in a relationship that seems one sided. Good luck, you don't deserve to be treated like that from somebody who is supposed to care about you!

  • Dump her


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