Is he desperate or actually does like me?

So there's this cute guy I've recently been seeing
The first date he took me to dinner at nice restaurant, movie and then a long drive
He paid for dinner and the movie tickets
The second date he took me to this expensive restaurant in the city and then dessert
He paid for the dinner and dessert again
The third date he took me to dinner again (but cheaper one because I suggested it) and then dessert
He paid for the dinner and the dessert and he paid for these expensive cakes I've always wanted to get
I kept insisting to pay but he refused for me to pay
He's always wanting to see me often
He messages me “good morning” and “good night” every day
He calls me "cute" and "gorgeous"
He always sends a “good morning” and “good night” everyday
We message each other throughout the day everyday
We kissed after the second date
He has been bringing up this after the second date:
- He asked me if I wanted something serious
- He said he wants this to go somewhere and asking if Im on the same page as him
- He asked if my parents would like him
- He asked if I care about his background
- He keeps saying he likes me a lot
- He asked me how I see myself in 5 years
Does it seem like he genuinely likes me and may want a relationship with me OR does it seem like he's just desperate to be in a relationship?
Is this too fast?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I mean you keep talking about him liking you, do YOU like HIM? To me it seems like this guy has just been through some shit before and is trying to make sure he isn't going to have to go through it with you, before you two become any more serious. So that being said, if you appreciate the dates he's taken out on but aren't super into him, I'd let him know NOW, because it seems that he's trying to confirm that won't happen when he's too attached. And if you do like him, then let him know that too, and that he doesn't have to worry too much.


Most Helpful Guy

  • He likes you otherwise he would not ask such a lot of questions.


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  • he does likes you girl! its clear

  • He obviously just really likes you, but is just trying to figure out sooner rather than later if you two are actually compatible.

  • He likes you


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