I have no idea how to approach girls I like or any stranger for that matter?

Im 19 and i have had clinically diagnosed social anxiety most of my life. Its more controllable now but the point is i have developed hardly any social skills. I dont see how you can go up to someone and start talking to them with out seeming weird or creepy. I have no idea where to start.


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  • Simple. Force yourself, no excuses. Forget about what people might think, don't be afraid to embarrass yourself every now and then. What's the worst that can happen? Oh no, some random girl laughed at me or thought I was weird... OH NO! Well guess, what... I'm still alive, life goes on, nothing at all to worry about

    As for actually approaching them, just casually go up to them and make some conversation. Make a statement about what they're doing or what they're wearing or something..

    ..'Hey, lady in the red jacket - How are you doing this fine afternoon?'
    Eventually tell them 'So, I was busy buying my...(whatever you want to say - preferably something crazy and funny), I noticed you and thought you looked... interesting and felt the need to say hi'..

    Something like that is what I do, obviously throw in your own style too. Everyone is different.

    • Yeah i tend to dwell to much on what people think. I think If i get past that it will definetly help with everything else. Thanks for the advice

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