How can I ask him to hang out?

Okay I really like this boy, we talk. Not a whole lot but we talk. I wanna know how to ask him if he wants to hang out. I mean the only thing I'm really scared of is that he'll say no. So how exactly should I say it?


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  • this is how you ask a guy to hang out with you

    1 you walk up to him

    2 you ask "would you like to hang out with me"?

    3 if he says yes than there you go .. if he says no than tell him "im sorry to here that" and say "why don't you want to hang out with me"? ... pay attention to what he says too

    4 you do what you asked for so hang out with him if he says yes

    its so simple

    • I forgot on the first one ...... make sure he knows your talking to him ... perhaps you can ask him privately away from his friends

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  • first of you could start of by saying 'hey baby how bout we grab some beers and maybe get freaky later' if that doesn't work say ' well then f**k u!'

  • Just ask him wana hang out some time or invite him to somehting he might like...or just ask him when he's gona ask you out...


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