Relating to love interest is similar to relating to a cousin/sibling/family member? Is that normal or a good sign?

Basically, talking to him feels really "familiar" sort of like the "sibling language" I established with my brothers/sisters and my cousins. Is that a good sign?


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  • Me and u love him as family not as a partner

    • "Me and u" did you mean "maybe you"? I like him more than like family... its just when we talk he seems like family, I don't know.

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    • We were actually talking today, and I said something of the effect that talking to him was sort of similar to how I talk to my siblings and cousins (relating to the amount of sarcasm I was using), and he seemed cool with it and to an extent could agree. I can't get why people will have whole kinks surrounding the "Daddy/daughter" dynamic, but if you are friends with your love interest and their vibes/sense of humor/sarcasm level is similar to that of your family, suddenly it's not a good sign (shrugs).

    • Because it's the most used line to friendzone someone but meh guess you somehow don't know that if he is fine with it nothing else matters

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