Would you date someone with a criminal record?

In this case the man has committed murder and served time.

He comes clean and tells you that he has committed murder and assures you that he's a changed man. You've been in relationship with him for a month and he's shown no sign of being abusive or any of that. He did look intimidating because he's a big dude but you didn't suspect a thing.

What would you do?
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  • I would be scared but I would still stay with him!
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  • I would start having doubts about our relationship!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It would completely depend on details of the murder, and whether you suspect if there's a reason he may have gone for you that links to it.

    1st degree or premeditated, I would leave him- your safety is paramount.
    If it was self defence from some horrific act- that's different.

    One month is no time at all to tell if someone is abusive- I know this from experience.

    Also, not that age is a tremendous boundary, nor should it be treated as one- bit I'm guessing as someone who has done time for murder, that either he is considerably older, or has spent a good amount of his young life behind bars- this can hugely affect someone, and although you seem mature, if he's much older I would question any possible power or control he may feel he has over you.

    • Aight so how would u react to this scenario

      When the guy was younger he was a delinquent who constantly got into trouble, fights, etc. Long story short he got involved with gang members and attempted to burglarize a house. Things didn't go the way they planned and the home owner a 40 year old man comes back inside the house forgetting some documents for work. The 17 year old version of the guy your with kills the man in a struggle and flees the scene. He is later caught and serves 10 years in prison (The minimum for murder) While in jail he changes himself from the cold hearted boy he used to be and decides to better himself by reading and taking part in the education inside the prison.

      How do you feel about him now?

    • Well, that isn't as bad as first degree, but it's certainly not the method of self defence that excuses it.
      For me, that 40 year old man was fighting for his life in defence because people broke in to his house, the idea of someone doing that to my family, he didn't just murder someone, he also burgled, got involved with gangs.
      He may be better than he was, and that is commendable, but it doesn't make you safe. How long ago did he come out of prison? Is he working? Is he paying his way? In touch with family and surrounded by trusting friends- those are good judges of character.
      I don't know if my guess is right, but by your spellings I'm guessing you're US? If this is the case, you're below the age of consent, you're a minimum of ten years younger than him- If you are below the age of consent, and he's dating you- it's not murder, but it's a law he's happy to break- so not so goody-two-shoes.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Depends on what the details of the murder are. If it's premeditated 1st degree murder, nope the fuck out, but if it's involuntary manslaughter that's a different beast entirely. I'd suggest looking for the court documents for the case and deciding for yourself if his actions are ok.

    • I mean ye it was more of a question for females since if any guy heard is girl killed someone he'd assume the bitch was mentally unstable and leave no matter how good the pussy is or whatever.

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  • I have a criminal record. So does a quarter of the US, the majority of people with a criminal record didn't commit any violent crime.

    • Ye like I said though this isn't a minor misdemeanor this dude kilt someone and spent time in prison

    • Oh... That's my bad. I did not read past the question... I'd definitely be hesitant and probably won't go through with dating them. Depends on why she killed though. Maybe she killed a cheating lover. I'd understand that.

  • It’s called risk taking... I’m not a behavioral expert but Im exceptional at risk. I would evaluate the risk of putting myself in harms way...

    He’s a big guy. Is he intimidating? Was he drunk? On drugs? Angry? Frustrated? Stressed? Hurt? Afraid?

    Depending on the circumstances, I don’t think I’d like to be around if they reoccur... (goodbye you).

    So this is your call. But I don’t think I’d put my life on the Linnea for a relationship... like that.

  • well if her body-count is higher than mines, I'd be pretty jelly. We should work on that first.

    Oh, wait. Criminal record... yeah probably.

  • I would be terrified of him. Unless it was some extreme case of self defense that would never work.

  • Leave him no doubt.

    • wait wym by that

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    • Aight but keep in mind he's telling you AFTER the fact your in a relationship with him. Imagine everything is going good asf with him and then 1 day he finally decides to tell you. Do you think you can just be like "Oh then f that Im out!" oh would you at least give him a chance

    • No chance at all because they are not the person the said I thought they were

  • Probably not. But you never know when love might get you 💕

  • Someone capable of commuting murder is not someone I wanna date

  • I would investigate.

  • I can't

  • It depends but it's generally a red flag

  • I think we would have a long discussion before I decide anything, because that would be kind of a shook. But if he can convince me that he changed, I would stay with him. It's hard to open up something like that, but it's important that he tells his lover.

  • I have a conceal carry license, and several firearms. That's just not happening.

    • Yep. Cause she can't poison you, kill you while you're sleeping (potentially with your own gun) or anything like that. You are a proud gun owner, you are invincible.

    • @SirRexington Felons or domestic violence convicted criminals cannot own guns dipshit. If you're dating a convicted murderer, they cannot be around firearms.

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