Girls, What to do what to do Im confused about this guy?

I am 47 years old im still a virgin I am not dating I dont have a boyfriend or seeing anyone. I had always being a single women I never been married before, I never had hook ups, ONS because that is not who I am and also is dangerous. I had never ever had a boyfriend in my life not even dating I never experienced that phase in my life at all ever. No guys never asked me out for even a coffee, or felt interested in me enough to pay attention so I lack of male experience intimate and dating field, Until 3 years ago when I felt desired for the first time in my life by a guy who is also single, m my age group also, never married either and have no kids just like me.
So for me liking this guy and felt butterflies in my stomach each time I see this guy is all new to me but unfortunately it came so late in my years at 47. I met this guy when I was 44 and he was 42. After we met in 2015 we went out on a date once and I had a good time, at the end we made out (obviously we are adults something must had to happen but no intimacy hehe!!). OIur second date jsut came last year, we knew just a little more, not much and also at the end we made out. Let me clarify we are not a couple, never were a couple or bf/gf. We treat each other like friends.
For life circumstances the guy and I stopped communicating each other after our first date, back in 2015, that is why until last year we had our second date when we kinda of got in speaking terms again. It was not because he was dating other chick that we stopped it was for another reason in his life. We had seein other 4 times after our first date but not as dates between us but mingle with other people around.

The guy I believe liked me too so it was a 2-way thing and I was happy even if he did not want to really admittted he is attracted unless he was leading me on. Just a few months before our second date the guy asked me to get intimate with him he assumed I was not a virgin at my age I never told him the truth about me, but I..
I refuse him and he wonder why I refuse him I confess my virginity until last year uin our 2nd date. He told me he did not mind I was one. The thing is that date he asked me to go to a place and get intimate I told him no, but he did not get upset. it seems but he stil want to get laid im sure.
The thing is we both know that we are not looking to have a soldi relationshuip between us or even being a couple, we do know each other and are casual friends but that is it. He enjoys being single.
Now the guy still wants to have sex with me and proposed me again just like one month ago and I kinda of say yes but like 50% accuracy hehe!! He knows he turns me on he is the first guy who does that to me but he i start loosing his interest in me beause I keep dragging this too long and he thinks what is the fear I have and we are adults not kids to behave like that.

Fear is what holding me back but then again im 47yrs old but I know he will want only sex even if we are not strangers.


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    • I have other concerns though if it was just sex for sex I think I won't hesitate and do it but the fact of the chances of getting knocked up is the fear I have to take th e plunge with the guy even if i like him so much and ium very attracted but then he may only want sex. Wher I lvie the morning after pill is not sold. At my age even if the chances of getting pregnant are low I could still get pregnatn as long as I get my period. Then for my age I can't used all BC methods available out there for my age is kind of risky especially when I had never ever ever had been on any BC mnethod because I had never been sexially active in order for me to be protected from nothing. So my only cheap protection method is the condom now. But for soem reason the guy does not like to wear one.

    • Well tell him to wear it or no sex

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